How new technology has influenced Data Visualisations

With the technology available in the 21st century we are able to record and store GB of data. This has led to a new and interesting field of study combining the programming capabilities of computer scientists and the theoretical principles developed by statisticians. These individuals have branded themselves data scientists.

Data scientists are at the forefront of big data analysis and visualisation. They are using their unique skill set to reduce complex and incomprehensible data sets to usable predictions or charts.

The world of data visualisation has thus undergone tremendous change moving away from normal bar and pie charts to a new world of possibilities; from mapping the world’s biggest airline to Major League Baseball pitchers.  We now even see time lapse graphs and interactive graphs.

One can immediately see the benefit in these new data visualisation techniques. We can now more easily than ever make informed decisions and measure the outcome of new policies and systems.

The future for these techniques holds great promise. Not only for our companies, but for global problems we face.

As Hans Rosling said during his presentation on HIV data:

“We hope that when we act on global problems in the future, we will not only have the heart. We will not only have the money, but we will also use the brain.”

TMS30x30 Team

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